Training For That Big Race?

You strive to enhance physical performance with diet

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but how do you know what to eat?


According to the principles of Chinese Medicine it is recommended:

  1. Eat warm cooked foods to nourish blood and soothe tendons.
  2. Minimize cold uncooked vegetables like salads, carrot sticks, and sushi to help muscles, especially if the weather is cold.
  3. Try to minimize refined foods like sugar.  Instead choose whole foods.

These recommendations will make your core energy stronger. You will have more warmth and circulation to the areas you are challenging with exercise. There will be more Qi (vital energy) for your lungs to move the air and a greater vitality and endurance for your workout.

To help facilitate dietary changes set out a timeline for training and realistically plan when you will have time to cook for yourself and when you will be purchasing already made foods.

Here are several things you can do to enhance your training and racing performance:

  • Do not skip pre-workout meals
  • Drink adequate fluids to replace what is lost to sweat while training.
  • Do not miss out on very necessary carbohydrates during workouts and races.
  • Be sure to replenish post workouts with whole food choices.
  • And do not try something NEW on a race day.