On January 28, 2017 we will usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster!

Happy New Year!



The Chinese Theory of Five Elements suggests that a Fire Rooster Year will be full of laughter, excitement and upsurging energy.  It will present the challenge of maintaining our own sense of self and purpose in the face of others.

Traditionally the Rooster is viewed as a radiant creature, with a warm and meticulous energy. With a profound ability to manage others, the Rooster often appears as infallible and righteous.  However, when examined a bit further, it is revealed that the Rooster’s personality is often a cover for self-doubt and insecurity.  It is wise to be especially mindful this year with regard to others in positions of power.

Throughout this Rooster Year we will all be motivated by our own desire for personal advancement. With an orientation of self-love, we will be able to achieve new levels of success that will motivate and inspire others.

When an angry feeling arises as a reaction to the boastful Rooster, remember the individual is simply acting out his/her own feelings of inadequacy. We are entering a very important time for empathy for self and others.

If we are not mindful of the way we respond to those in power, this year will be an ongoing struggle to accomplish even small goals.

The key to growth in the Year of the Fire Rooster is a gentle awareness of self, especially in the presence of those in power.  Trust your own inner knowledge and let your knowing be your guide.

May you all experience good fortune and health in the upcoming Year of the Rooster.