FREE classes at Grand Opening Kinetic Center

The Grand Opening of the Kinetic Center is this Thursday January 19th 5-8:30PM.


WHERE: Located above the Malibu Healing Center, 21355 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu.

WHEN: I will be teaching a “Harmonizing Emotions with QiGong” class from 7-7:30PM.

WHAT: My class is designed to help you feel your internal state and then through movement, meditation and visualization harmonize your emotions.  Good for all ages.

Click here for the full schedule of events:


Everything is FREE and there is valet parking and several fabulous raffle items.

Hope to see you there!

5:30-6:00PM Sound Bath Healing with Philipp Manser

6:00-6:30PM The 6 Health Secrets to Peak Performance with Sarah Murphy, ND & Jonci Jensen, ND

6:30-7:00PM Tai Chi with Mathew Cohen

7:00-7:30PM Harmonizing Emotions with QiGong with Abbey Seiden

7:30-8:30PM Bazilian Samba Dance Class with Ana

Healing Color Meditation


  • Find a comfortable position and allow your body to relax.
  • Become aware of where you feel tension accumulated from the day’s activities.
  • As you inhale let a color come to mind.
  • Paint any areas of tension with that glorious bright color.
  • Take your time.
  • Inhale the color, allow it to wash over your body and then exhale the tension.
  • As you exhale image the dark and cloudy “gunk” from the day releasing.
  • To balance the internal organ of the body you can use the associated color of each system and breathe that color right into the organ.

Lungs and large intestine –> white (upper chest)

Kidneys and bladder –> blue/black (low back area)

Liver and gallbladder –> green (right side of abdomen)

Heart and small intestine –> red (center of chest)

Stomach and spleen –>  yellow (left side of abdomen)

  • Each time, breathe in the color and imagine painting the corresponding area of your body.
  • With each exhale, fully relax and allow the tension of the day melt away. You can imagine your exhale as heavy with dark and cloudy color.
  • This is a great meditation as part of a nighttime routine, and has also been shown to be helpful if you wake in the middle of the night to facilitate a return to restful sleep.
  • This exercise is designed to calm and settle the mind.

California Cold Buster

As many of you know, I’ve spent nearly my entire life on the East Coast and have experienced firsthand the relentless and “chill you to the bone” Winters.  With extreme wind, cold, ice and snow, I would bundle in layers and brave Mother Nature’s worst.

Since moving out to sunny California in 2014,  I thought I was immune to the effects of cold weather because it simply does not get that cold, and it is very easy to eat a diet full of fresh, unprocessed foods to keep up my health.

Well about a month ago I caught whatever was going around, and developed a few new recipes that restored my health quickly and also tasted yummy.  I want to share my recipes with you all to try  when you feel under the weather or just need a little immune boost.


Chicken Noodle Soup (Like Grandma Makes)

In a large pot add onions, carrots, celery, parsnip all diced to fill about 1/4 of the pot. Add a few pinches of good quality sea salt, then cover the veggies until they turn brightly covered and are aromatic.  Next gently place the chicken on top of the veggies.  A small chicken in cheese cloth (to contain the bones) or several chicken thighs, breasts will also work.  Try to choose free range and organic chicken if available.  Add water to fill the pot that has been pre-boiled, a few more pinches of high quality salt and fresh dill.  Bring the pot to a boil, reduce flame and simmer for about an hour or until chicken is cooked.  Strain and serve with egg noodles or rice.

 Lemon Grass/Scallion Noodle Soup

In a large pot add lemon grass stalks, chopped onions, carrots, celery,  and diced ginger and garlic to fill about 1/4 of the pot.  Add a few pinches of good quality sea salt, then cover the veggies and steam until you see a bright color and an sweet aroma. Add pre-boiled water to fill the pot and bring to a simmer for 20 minutes.  Strain the liquid and return to the pot, add chopped scallion and bok choy and cover for 5 minutes.  Serve with cubed tofu and rice noodles and hot chili paste on the side to be added to taste by the individual. Enjoy!



Both of these dishes helped chase away my sickness within a few hours.  I enhanced the effects by wearing a hoody sweatshirt, getting under a ton of blankets and breaking a sweat.

Feel better quick!

On January 28, 2017 we will usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster!

Happy New Year!



The Chinese Theory of Five Elements suggests that a Fire Rooster Year will be full of laughter, excitement and upsurging energy.  It will present the challenge of maintaining our own sense of self and purpose in the face of others.

Traditionally the Rooster is viewed as a radiant creature, with a warm and meticulous energy. With a profound ability to manage others, the Rooster often appears as infallible and righteous.  However, when examined a bit further, it is revealed that the Rooster’s personality is often a cover for self-doubt and insecurity.  It is wise to be especially mindful this year with regard to others in positions of power.

Throughout this Rooster Year we will all be motivated by our own desire for personal advancement. With an orientation of self-love, we will be able to achieve new levels of success that will motivate and inspire others.

When an angry feeling arises as a reaction to the boastful Rooster, remember the individual is simply acting out his/her own feelings of inadequacy. We are entering a very important time for empathy for self and others.

If we are not mindful of the way we respond to those in power, this year will be an ongoing struggle to accomplish even small goals.

The key to growth in the Year of the Fire Rooster is a gentle awareness of self, especially in the presence of those in power.  Trust your own inner knowledge and let your knowing be your guide.

May you all experience good fortune and health in the upcoming Year of the Rooster.