Beat the Butt: Your Stop-Smoking Plan

Pick the date you will begin your life as a non-smoker.  Be realistic about the timing of your date (the day before a big presentation at work, or an exam at school is probably not the most advantageous date). Be sure to have plenty of self nourishing and encouraging activities in place to insure your path of success.


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take all cigarette butts for two weeks prior to quitting and put in a jar with water. When the urge arises, open the jar and take a deep breath!
  • Never skip meals. Your body needs energy.
  • But be sure to snack smart: celery, carrot sticks, nuts, and seeds. Munchies keep your mouth busy,
  • Increase exercise to get the endorphins going.
  • Stay away from triggers – smoking hangouts and smoking-break buddies.
  • Get plenty of rest.  Set aside time for napping and relaxing. You’re allowed!
  • Take a QiGong/meditation/breathing class – for peace of mind, and to enjoy your lungs.
  • Collect all lighters, leftover packs of cigarettes, and ashtrays and toss ‘em.
  • Clean the home or car to celebrate your new beginning.
  • Commit to seeing supportive friends and relatives. Put them on your calendar.
  • Call yourself a non-smoker.
  • Enjoy yourself. Call on friends when you feel low. Go to the movies and try new activities. Again, put these on your calendar to force yourself not to “wimp out.”
  • Think positive: Focus not on what you’re giving up, but what you’re gaining.
  • Write it down! Write down “I want to be a lifelong non-smoker” or “I can change my behavior.” Say it enough times and you’ll start to believe it.
  • Keep a list of reasons why you want to be a non-smoker visible in your house, in the car or at work.
  • Avoid tempting situations (i.e. your favorite smoking chair.)
  • Join a support group or ask friends for additional support. Quitting is tough stuff; don’t go at it alone.
  • Use other stress relieving activities: a relaxing bath, music, reading, walking, massage, QiGong or acupuncture.


Do you have any tips that have helped you along your path to becoming a nonsmoker?  Please post below.